Seydel Non Slider Chromatic Harmonica

Model: Key: C


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The NONSLIDER Chromatic is built in the common solo tuning and is equipped with SEYDEL’s durable stainless steel reeds. In addition, since the tone slider is no longer needed, the instrument is extremely airtight and allows very dynamic playing. With the help of the newly developed double-row mouthpiece, the semitones are reached simply by tilting the instrument. A slight angling down or up is sufficient to reach all chromatic notes by directly playing the corresponding holes on the respective row.

Key Features

The NONSLIDER Chromatic is a very reliable instrument that is virtually maintenance free. 48 tuning stable, stainless steel reeds guarantee a great sound and a long playing pleasure. Furthermore, stuck valves or a jammed slider are things of the past.

The NONSLIDER Chromatic opens up great new playing options, which you have been looking for unsuccessfull so far with chromatic harmonicas so far! The valves typical for chromatic harmonicas have been removed completely. This makes techniques playable that are otherwise only known from the Blues Harmonica.

Why Insignia Harmonica

Specially designed reeds and reed plates to boost the sound quality.

Perfect matched mouthpiece and cover plates to give maximum air tightness.

Smooth and silent slide operation to give uninterrupted sound quality.

Eye catching ABS comb made in one piece to give reliable performance under all climate conditions.