Seydel Volcany Chromatic Harmonica

Model: 56480, Key:C, Tuning: Solo Tuned


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Unique: comb, mouthpiece and the coverplates are made of solid Brass, polished and lacquered – the heart of the instrument are our proven reeds made of Stainless Steel. This unique combination of soft and hard materials guarantees astonishing haptics and a very sophisticated tone. The VOLCANY Chromatic – THE ERUPTION OF SOUND!
  • Technical details:
  1. high-precision manufactured brass comb, polished to a high gloss and with special coating
  2. covers made of highly polished brass; special coating with very good gliding properties – very lip-friendly, wide open on the back – for undamped radiation of the overtone-rich sound
  3. mouthpiece with very good gliding properties made of highly polished brass with special coating; crescent-shaped and with round channel openings
  4. slide package – optimized for improved air tightness; very good sliding properties due to fixed tolerances between mouthpiece and slide track
  5. full, loud sound and fast response due to the use of stainless steel reeds – very durable and tuning stable even under heavy use
  6. less air consumption due to optimized reedplates made of German Silver – optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and slot
  7. reliable valve action – proven valve material (burled)
  8. in Solo- or Orchestra tuning – straight (upper plate C; lower plate C#) total weight of the instrument: 440 g / 15,5 Oz

Why Insignia Harmonica

Specially designed reeds and reed plates to boost the sound quality.

Perfect matched mouthpiece and cover plates to give maximum air tightness.

Smooth and silent slide operation to give uninterrupted sound quality.

Eye catching ABS comb made in one piece to give reliable performance under all climate conditions.