Yamaha Pianica P-32D

Model: Model: P-32D


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Yamaha Pianicas produce a rich sound almost instantly, and a bright tone quality that speaks evenly across notes. The P-32D has 32 keys and an extended 2-2/3 octave range that gives freedom to advanced players to play a wider variety of music with added projection. Each key has its own suspension spring with anti-vibration guides, giving the keyboard a smooth feel. It is suitable for classrooms, home or even as performance instruments in auditoriums!

Why Insignia Harmonica

Specially designed reeds and reed plates to boost the sound quality.

Perfect matched mouthpiece and cover plates to give maximum air tightness.

Smooth and silent slide operation to give uninterrupted sound quality.

Eye catching ABS comb made in one piece to give reliable performance under all climate conditions.