Easttop Forerunner 2.0 (12 Hole Chromatic Harmonica)

Model: Forerunner 2.0 , Keys: C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, G, A, Ab, B, Bb, F#


  • 1.Transparent ABS comb with white color, nice looking.
  • 2.Different reeds size, you will feel more rich sound.
  • 3.Covers supporter are cylinder and more stable, and important is that it will not fall off from the reed plates when you remove the covers, so it easy when assembly is being done.
  • 4.The key point of all  the changes is that we have changed the structure of the slider and mouthpiece. Due to these changes the  slider sound is lower now , as compaired to the earlier version.
  • 5.Stainless steel covers with black painting, matte finish and very smooth.
  • 6.Gold letter printing on the covers and hot stamped logo on the comb.
  • 7.Available keys: G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#
  • 8. With two holes on the Slider.

Why Insignia Harmonica

Specially designed reeds and reed plates to boost the sound quality.

Perfect matched mouthpiece and cover plates to give maximum air tightness.

Smooth and silent slide operation to give uninterrupted sound quality.

Eye catching ABS comb made in one piece to give reliable performance under all climate conditions.